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  1. Instant Guide to AFK Arena Gameplay AFK Arena game work on the real-time combat just like the RPG. While fighting against the enemy squad, the attacking side of your team will work automatically. You will see two bars with your characters, one is representing their HP, and the other one is representing the Ultimate Meter
  2. Découvrez tous les secrets et astuces à travers les guides français sur AFK Arena.fr
  3. This is Tree3's Beginner's Guide for AFK Arena. Huge credit to him for creating this in-depth guide that covers all aspects of the game. The original guide post can be found here! Introduction Hey everyone, Tree here. Little bit of an admission, by AFKArena . 4th January 2021 . in AFK Arena Guides. 0 . 0. Read More Read More. Wondrous Pouch . The Wondrous Pouch is a new casual feature for AFK.
  4. Afk arena is an exciting game with a unique art style. Play while you are chilling and implement multiple strategies! Unique: Afk is a world of beauty and adventure. Idle: Earn reward while are not playing the game. Ascend: Upgrade your favorite heroes to unlock the power and abilities. Fight: Put yourself against other players in the game. Story: Reveal the history of your favorite hero

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AFK Arena r/ afkarena. Join. Posts Wiki Useful Guides. Subreddit Help. Post Flairs User Flairs Rules. Megathreads. General Questions Guild Recruitment Friends Requests Lucky Pulls. Play On PC. Hot. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Rising. card. card classic compact. 1 7 71. pinned by moderators. Posted by. 5 days ago. Moderator of r/afkarena. Joker & Queen Discussion Thread. Megathread. 84. 8. In AFK Arena, Fodder heroes are the ones that you'll mainly consume to ascend other heroes to a higher tier. The general rule of thumb is to not use Ascended tier heroes as fodder This guide will show possible lineups for f2p players, and not only. But it is not designed for endgame content (25+ chapters).In chapters 25-30 you will have enough ascended heroes to change the setups for opponentsWilders> Graveborns> Lightbearers> Maulers ). For the initial game as a carry, one of the many heroes of the legendary level may be suitable.Recommendations: Saveas is one of the. Updating my AFK Arena beginners guide as its been almost a year since i made it.DOWNLOAD AFK ARENA HERE https://bit.ly/2Yl636FPLAY ON TEST SERVER https://..

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THE FORGOTTEN MINE GUIDE. Just a reminder that we have done this chapter before that's why you are not seeing small and crystal chests on this guide. Do not use magical towers to destroy normal camps or your team will be weak due to lack of relics! Try to obtain as many relics as possible as always. In #35 we are destroying with magical cannon the hardest enemy here so you don't need to. AFK Arena possède une option permettant de réinitialiser n'importe quel personnage au niveau 1, ce qui a pour effet de vous rendre tout ce que vous aviez investi dans ce personnage. Cette option est disponible après avoir complété le stage 1-12 et débloqué Ranhorn, le hub principal. En visitant le Chariot branlant, vous pouvez parler au PNJ qui, moyennant finance, vous permettra de. This is a list of useful team comps for AFK Arena. Some of them have been personally used and tested by me, all the way up to chapter 34. Others have been submitted by players whom have had good success with them in various parts of the game In this guide I want to show you all you need to know about the different artifacts, including where you will find them and also give you an overview what artifact you should use on which hero. Let's get it started. All Artifacts & How To Get Them. There's a total of 7 different artifacts in AFK Arena and you can equip on any hero plus 3 class specific artifacts: Tidebearer will give the. Venez découvrir le guide complet sur Belinda, le héros Porteur de lumière sur le site AFK ARENA.F

Venez découvrir le guide complet sur Rosaline, le héros Porteur de lumière sur le site AFK ARENA.F AFK Arena peut paraître facile : il vous appâte en se faisant passer pour un jeu casual et bon enfant avant de vous faire mordre le tapis quand vous atteignez les stages les plus difficiles. Pour un jeu qui, la plupart du temps, se joue tout seul , progresser à travers les niveaux peut s'avérer difficile Full clear of Arena of Trials - Pippa! Install AFK Arena w/BlueStacks Here: https://bstk.me/lUuCU7gfmJoin this channel to get access to perks:https://www.you.. AFK arena beginner's guide Introduction Before starting our AFK arena beginner's guide that we are not sure that this method may not 100% work, but I am sure that it may help in many of the cases. In this article, continue reading. AFK Arena Expert Guide 2020. Afk Arena is a game developed by the Lilith game brand, which already has many amazing games available on the Play Store and iOS.

AFK arena beginner's guide Introduction. Before starting our AFK arena beginner's guide that we are not sure that this method may not 100% work, but I am sure that it may help in many of the cases. In this article, we cover all basics of the game, which may help a new player who just started playing games. We may miss some of the tips and tricks, but if you think so, mention them in. AFK Arena is all about being idle, playing the game effortlessly — with BlueStacks, your gacha game just got a whole lot easier! Now that you've learned more about Mortas, you're now ready to play AFK Arena! Check out this step-by-step guide on installing BlueStacks on your PC to start your journey in Esperia A Guide to AFK Arena's Midwinter Festivities 2020 Event by BlueStacks. The holidays are finally here! It's time to get your best cup of hot cocoa, wear your ugly sweater, and play your favorite video games this Christmas break! What kind... Updates Oct 30, 2020. AFK Arena's Halloween Event Has a Partnership With Anime Overlord, Two New Heroes Releasing As Part of Crossover. AFK Arena. AFK Arena [Reroll Guide] Copy to clipboard Copy URL Overview. This guide focuses on how to reroll in AFK Arena. Volkin Games talks about the mechanics of rerolling and how to go about it. By Volkin Games. Reroll Guide . If you want to Reroll, the first thing you have to do is hit your portrait in the top left corner of the screen. Then you go to the settings tab then select servers. On the. AFK Arena: Tier List - Complete Guide 2021 The artifacts in AFK arena are unique items that will empower your heroes more than other gear and give them special perks. They are a team that improves your characters in unique ways. In this guide we will tell you everything you need to know about the most important artifacts

The Burning Woods Guide - AFK Arena - Fansite The Burning Woods WALKTHROUGH The Burning Woods is the thirteenth stage in Historic Ventures mode in Peaks of Time building. You will find here a description on how to pass through this adventure Les meilleures compos AFK Arena pour le PvP. Poursuivons ce guide des meilleures compos AFK Arena avec 4 très bonnes teams pour le PvP. Au passage, je voulais vous rappeler que pour gagner en confort de jeu, je joue désormais à AFK Arena sur PC. C'est beaucoup plus pratique (j'économise ma batterie !) et on peut jouer à la souris et au clavier ! Team 1 : Nemora - Eironn - Tasi.

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In AFK Arena rerolling just means having multiple accounts and when you reach heroes Level 100 you will see that the progress you can do without spending money will get slower and slower - having a mini account will not only give you more time to actually play AFK Arena, it will also give you the freedom to try new team setups BlueStacks AFK Arena Guide for PC and Android: How to Play Dimensional Heroes. Now if you're a big fan of AFK Arena like us, you'll know that Lilith Games has done a couple of collaborations with anime and video game series we've known... Game Guides Dec 30, 2020. BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena's Mortas, the Insidious. It really feels like the Holiday season is almost here, especially.

AFK Arena Resource Farming Guide [For F2P] Table of Contents. Overview. Diamonds; Rare and Elite Soulstones; Summoning Scrolls; Spending Resources; Overview. Diamonds and soulstones are scarce resources in AFK Arena. As a free to play player, you are limited to getting a certain amount of diamonds and soul stones. We will break down the tasks you can do to get you as many diamonds and. AFK Arena Ancient Ruins: Guide. 07/03/2020 07/01/2020 by Alae Oundir. Congratulations! You are a very adventurous gamer, you have come across the first, best, and for now the only guide in Spanish to cross the ancient ruins of AFK arena. You did it, unlocked the Ancient Ruins the fifth kingdom of Peaks of Time. Now it is time to venture into them and of course you could not do it without. AFK Arena is a casual action card game. Players can build up a personalized team and level up with the unique AFK Awards auto farming system. Join players all over the world in this journey of fantasy and prevent an ancient evil from destroying the realm of Esperia. The invasion is looming..

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AFK Arena Tier List. Dans ce guide sur AFK Arena, nous analyserons les meilleurs héros dans chaque rôle et expliquerons pourquoi ils sont si bons. Le meilleur héros général - Brutus. Brutus est universellement reconnu pour être le meilleur héros absolu d'AFK Arena, et pour cause. Il a beaucoup d'importance en raison de sa force, il inflige une quantité incroyable de dégâts et. The Elder Tree introduced classes in AFK Arena that will gain additional abilities and also stat boosts in the Elder Tree by investing Twisted Essence that you gain during Twisted Realm boss fights (and some other event related rewards).. In this guide I will show you what Elder Tree skills are sweet spots and which ones aren't that great to give you a general upgrade order to get the. Strategies for the Stargazer. Stargazing in AFK Arena is the ultimate gamble. Typically, players stargaze for either the Stargazer hero or the 30000 diamond bounty, meaning each draw has a 2.01 chance of being successful.Those are abysmal odds considering the high cost of Stargazing, and can give the perception that Stargazing is a tool for whales or players that spend a high amount of money. Ces codes AFK Arena de 2021 sont régulièrement mis en place puis désactivés par les développeurs. Toutes les informations sont disponibles sur le discord officiel du jeu (dans la catégorie « Events »). En plus de lire notre guide pour bien débuter sur AFK Arena, suivre l'évolution de ces codes est un avantage indéniable lorsque vous démarrer sur le jeu. Comment activer un code.

Par conséquent, dans ce cas, HDGamers vous présente le guide avec la AFK Arena Tier List pour être le champion. L'importance de connaître la AFK Arena Tier List . Rappelez-vous que AFK Arena est un jeu où, en bref, il vous suffit d'être prudent lorsque vous utilisez les capacités spéciales de vos personnages. Connaître la AFK Arena Tier List de chacun de vos personnages est. This will cover some fundamental tips that I use when team building in AFK Arena to hopefully help guide beginners in what they should be aiming for.JOIN US. You will love this guide! Best Relics for AFK Arena Arcane Labyrinth. Credits: whitesushii. Arcane Labyrinth Hard Mode: The player unlocks hard-mode Labyrinth after clearing stage 9-24. It is essentially a harder Floor 3 with better overall rewards (excluding Lab Tokens) and the boss Wrizz who drops one of 3 rewards at random. Since this is the same boss as the one found in guild hunts, your.

in AFK Arena, Peaks of Time. Burning Woods Guide (Peaks of Time Realm 13) 31.4k Views 1 Comment. Congratulations on unlocking Burning Woods, the 13th realm in Peaks of Time. Here you will find a full walkthrough through the whole realm from start to end to complete this realm as fast as possible. Recommended Hero Levels: 200+ with one carry hero 220+ If you want to clean Burning Woods you will. Our AFK Arena Cecilia Guide & Wiki walk you through all information about Cecilia, including her stats, skill, signature item, and so on. You can check all heroes in here : Heroes List. AFK Arena Cecilia. Cecilia - Purger of Sins; Faction: Lightbearer: Type: Agility: Class: Ranger: Role: Assassin: Rarity: Ascended : Voice Actor: Zura Johnson All have sinned! Cecilia - Purger of Sins. AFK Arena Ascension Guide (Ascend Faster & Better) 9k Views 2 Ascension in AFK Arena is one of the most essential features to build your hero roaster long-term - and there's not only some mistakes that can just slow you down a lot, there are also things that you can do to ascend faster

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  1. 9 AFK Arena Guide. 10 FAQ (People Also Asked) Code. Reward. Date Added. happy2021. 30 Faction Scrolls. December 31. persona5. 500 Diamonds 500k Gold 500 Hero Essence December 30. 7k8n2s9bnx. 300 Diamonds 20 Elite Hero Soulstones. December 19. 76shwcv6e4. 300 Diamonds 20 Elite Hero Soulstones. December 1. 6u226crhtp. 300 Diamonds 20 Elite Hero Shards . November 25. 65tdenbmtw. 300 Diamonds 20.
  2. AFK Arena Khasos' ultimate ability 'Obliteration' propels him towards an enemy, allowing him to smash the ground around them to cause damage. AFK Arena Khasos Guide & Wiki Below is a list of all information about AFK Arena Khasos, including skill, signature item, Furniture Set Bonuses, Voice Lines, and etc
  3. AFK Arena Relic Tier List; AFK Arena Signature Item Tier List; AFK ARENA REDEMPTION CODES; AFK ARENA BEST TEAMS; THE PEAKS OF TIME. Historic Ventures. 3. Secrets of the Forest Guide; 4. Rest in Peace Guide; 5. The Ancient Ruins Guide; 6. The Far Frontier Guide; 7. The Divine Realm Guide; 8. Rancid Forest Guide; 9. Viper's Marsh Guide; 10. The.
  4. AFK Arena guide on how to 100% clear The Forest's Edge (Voyage of Wonders) Complete list of valid AFK Arena redemption codes (Updated Oct 5th, 2020) Complete guide on how to pass AFK Arena Peaks of Time campaign - Secret of the Forest. How to reroll and get best legendary hunter for free in Evil Hunter Tycoon. Best free Sync Pairs in Pokémon Masters . Daily best funny memes and pictures.
  5. A classic RPG with stunning artistic beauty. The world of Esperia awaits you. Enjoy a multitude of unique heroes, seven unique factions, and earn rewards effortlessly
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AFK Arena has released a full animated story trailer for Zaphrael and Lucretia. Sean Martin Dec 3, 2020. AFK Arena Our AFK Arena giveaway has now ended. Sean Martin Nov 25, 2020. AFK Arena tier list: the best heroes in each class. Guide. AFK Arena. Glen Fox Nov 5, 2020. AFK Arena Markiplier ditches YouTube to become a fantasy barkeeper. Cameron Bald Oct 10, 2020. AFK Arena Elijah Wood is stuck. AFK Arena Ascension Guide. AFK Arena to progress further into the game you will have to level heroes to the next rarity. It's important to know that hero essence is very important to stock up on and you should buy as many as you can early on. This does not include common heroes as they can not ascend. Ascended heroes achieve level 410 with the Resonating Crystal. What is Ascension? Ascension.

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  1. Welcome to the beginner's guide for AFK Arena! We will be going over all the common things you should know so that you can progress faster in the game. You Will Hit a Roadblock. You will realise that from time to time, you will become stuck in certain stages of the game, such as a specific King's Tower floor or the story mode. It happens to everyone and you will eventually get past it by.
  2. - New arena of trials, pippa's bountiful trials full guide, all victorious formations!Download Video Soundtrack Here [Copyright Free](00:12) https://www.fi..
  3. This is a starting guide for AFK Arena because many mistakes are made by new players, particularly in regards how your heroes evolve through the game. If you want to have all the knowledge required to begin an adventure correctly, you are in the right place! Follow the guide for beginners for early game! Play AFK Arena FREE on PC . Contents. The global chat is your main ally! Beginner team and.
  4. AFK Arena X. Looking for the best characters to play on PvP or PvE? Check out our AFK Arena Tier List. Sort and compare all Characters with detailed stats. Character Tier List. LATEST CHARACTERS. All Characters. Zolrath . Gwyneth. Antranda. Satrana. Elijah & Lailah. Rosaline. PATCH NOTES. All Patch Notes. Patch Notes 1.30. January 4, 2020 1.30. Patch Notes 1.24. September 11, 2019 1.24. Patch.
  5. Arthur Guide. Share. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Pinterest VKontakte. Arthur Introduction . After a multitude of different team variances with over 5,000 individual test runs through campaign, arena and the tower It's a safe bet to say the only confirmed fact about Arthur is that he looks like Hogan. Now I want to state that I was hesitant about writing some parts of this because I.

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AFK Arena Tidus ' ultimate ability 'Twisted Fate' engulfs the battlefield, damaging any enemies that he passes and eventually targeting the weakest opponent. AFK Arena Tidus Guide & Wiki Below is a list of all information about AFK Arena Tidus, including skill, signature item, Furniture Set Bonuses, Voice Lines, and etc AFK Arena S tier heroes are handy in every stage, so don't hesitate to upgrade them whenever you get a chance. These are a more challenging part of the Afk arena. We have previously discussed that the heroes are divided into different types. Which are DPS, Tank, Support, Buff, Healer, Debuffs, and Crowd control Our AFK Arena Warek Guide & Wiki walk you through all information about Warek, including his stats, skill, signature item, and so on. You can check all heroes in here : Heroes List. AFK Arena Warek. Warek - The Untamed; Faction: Mauler: Type: Strength: Class: Warrior: Role: Continuous Damage: Rarity: Ascended : Voice Actor: Brian Stivale Ready for battle! Warek - The Untamed is a.

ARTIFACTS GUIDE . Dura's Grace. Upgrades: 1 star: Trigger a shield that can absorb up to 120% damage over 5 seconds. 2 star: Shield can absorb up to 170% damage. 5 star: Shield can take up to 220% damage and block all crowd control effects up to 3 seconds. Equipment Attributes at maximum level: HP + 15% & DODGE + 20. This relic is amazing on agility based characters whose main defense is. We will add those top heroes in this AFK Arena A tier List article, which are most used in the game. Most of the player uses these heroes regularly in the game, but we will try to mention by their abilities. So if you are interested in the list, keep reading and sharing our content, and if you have any suggestions feel free because your satisfaction is our priority. If you haven't gone. Our AFK Arena Estrilda Guide & Wiki walk you through all information about Estrilda, including her stats, skill, signature item, and so on. You can check all heroes in here : Heroes List. AFK Arena Estrilda. Estrilda - Knight Of Valor; Faction: Lightbearer: Type: Strength: Class: Warrior: Role: Burst Damage: Rarity: Ascended : Voice Actor: Rachel Roasek For king and country! Estrilda.

Dans AFK Arena, ce qui rend le jeu aussi intéressant, intriguant et addictif, ce sont les aventures toujours aussi intenses. Et elles sont très nombreuses, pour le plus grand plaisir des joueurs. Chaque aventure se situe dans un lieu différent, avec un objectif différent. Des indices seront proposés en chemin, à vous de les trouver et de les déchiffrer, pour accomplir votre mission dans. AFK ARENA GUIDE. 126 likes. Entertainment Websit The Arena of Heroes is a Colosseum building that is composed of 3 parts: the Arena of Heroes itself, the Legends' Challenger Tournament, and the Legends' Championship. It can be found in the Dark Forest. 1 Arena of Heroes 1.1 Background 1.2 Guide 1.3 Banner 2 Legends' Challenger Tournament 2.1.. AFK Arena - A beginner's guide to managing resources Ascension Guide for Mythic Champs Arthur - Gwyneth - Ferael Synergy All items (34

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AFK Arena is a mobile-based, casual action card game that involves characters in the form of heroes that are used by the players. The players are required to form a team of 5 heroes they can use to.. AFK Arena Ancient Ruins: Guide The bottom line is that he can be in control of the crowds although, unlike other heroes that you will see later, his ability paralyzes them for a short time

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  1. ate them and weaken with his explosion. The rest of the work is done by Rowan healing the team, Luca improving it and Tasi keeping the entire opposing team at bay. What do you think
  2. J'espère que ce guide vous sera utile et vous permettra d'en savoir plus sur la même chose. Si vous ne savez pas comment progresser, vous pouvez obtenir gratuitement le Diamants et Or en utilisant cet outil de piratage. Veillez à ne pas l'utiliser plus de cinq fois par jour. Quelques mois seulement après sa sortie, AFK Arena est déjà dans le top 10 des meilleurs jeux pour mobiles.
  3. The same goes for your opponent, so sometimes you will lose or win battle because of RNG. This concludes our guide on AFK Arena. The amount of content is huge, and the developers keep adding more of it. Chapters, heroes, and events keep getting added, so you will have lots of enjoyment out of the game if you like it
  4. AFK Arena - Faction Advantages Guide. Post author: Jack Roque; Post category: AFK Arena; Every hero in AFK Arena belongs to one of 6 factions, Wilders, Maulers, Lightbearers, Graveborns, Celestials, and Hypogeans. Like many other strategy games, AFK Arena has a faction advantage system. All Factions have a faction they do more damage to, and one faction they take more damage from. This guide.
  5. The Formula of Single Draws is as followed Common is 51.69%, Rare is 43.70% and Elite is 4.61% (as specified in-game). The formula of only 10x Draws is as followed 10 pulls you should give you an average 5.37% Elites, which is 16.49% more elites than the 4.61% single pull rate
  6. Viper Marsh Guide/Walkthrough Walkthrough. At the very first area of Viper's Marsh, Hogan will talk to you and give you the relic called Flag of Courage. This item will be abused by you, the player, to progress in Viper's Marsh. Be sure to turn the battle to Manual at the near end of each battle so you can cast an ult at the start of each stage to gain advantage over your enemies. There are.
  7. -max my progress for some slight advantages ; But at the same time I'm not forced to spend hours just to stay relevant ; I also feel the mechanics are deep enough which is something I enjoy but I haven't played much other mobile games to know.

The Ancient Ruins Guide - AFK Arena - Fansite The Ancient Ruins WALKTHROUGH The Ancient Ruins is the fifth stage in Historic Ventures mode in Peaks of Time building. You will find here a description on how to pass through this adventure AFK Arena is a casual action card game developed by Lilith Games. It features a rich roster of 45 heroes, beautiful hand drawn graphics, and plenty of dungeons to explore. New content is continuously getting added by the developers. The objective of the AFK Arena is to develop the most powerful team in order to clear as many dungeons as possible

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Find out in this AFK Arena Tier List December 2020: Best Heroes Guide for beginners AFK Arena Tier List December 2020⇓ This AFK Arena Tier List provides you an overall tier rating of all heroes in five major tiers; Tier 1 (Best Tier), Tier, 2 (Good Tier), Tier 3 (Average/OK Tier), Tier 4 (Bad/Below Average), and Tier 5 (Worst) Compared to other Hero collectors, AFK Arena makes it quite easy to acquire the full roster. Enhancing their power to maximum potential takes many dupes consolidated through the process of Ascension. This site has a nice image grid showing how it works (via AFKarena.net) as does AFKarenax.com here

afknewyear2020- Get Elite Hero Shards and Diamond after redeeming this afk arena 2020 code however the code doesn't exist. 7xinggaozhao- You can use this code in game however you will receive 188 Diamonds and 10 Faction scroll. 66dashun- You can use this code in game however you will receive 188 Diamonds and Hero Essence AFK Arena Stargazer Guide 3 months ago. Strategies for the Stargazer Stargazing in AFK Arena is t... AFK Arena AFK Arena Ascension Guide 3 months ago. Welcome to Tierlist.gg's AFK Arena Ascension Guide. Whether you'r... Latest articles for AFK Arena All articles. There are currently no articles available for AFK Arena Write for us. About Tierlist.gg Supported games Business Jobs Cookie.

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AFK Arena Rest in Peace AFK Arena Rest in Peace Guide AFK Arena Rest in Peace, the main objective is to remove all three curses that is lay out on the map.. The path that I recommend is the best path for early game players. The order must be follow since the door will not AFK Arena Rest in Peace Guide Read More So that would be all in our AFK Arena guide for the beginners. We will post an advanced guide soon. Let's have a look at our top AFK Arena tips, cheats & strategies for the beginners! AFK Arena Tips & Tricks: - 1.) Build And Develop The Best Team. This part will be covering all the tips mentioned in the guide above. The very first one is to build the best team of the heroes. Read this tier.

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Comme de nombreux jeux du genre, AFK Arena est régulièrement mis à jour afin de corriger des bugs ou simplement ajouter du contenu. Afin de s'assurer que ces mises à jour soient mises en place de la meilleure des façons, Lilith Games utilise un serveur test. Dans ce guide, nous allons vous apprendre à installer ce serveur test Find all available Heroes in AFK Arena Game. Learn all about their Skills and Effects and master them to reach the higher level in the game. Be part of the community and support new players submit your guides, tips or recommendations AFK Arena - Hero guide (Top tier heroes) October 10, 2020. 0. 100 . Hi everyone ! I'm making this video to talk about the best heroes in AFK arena. Don't forget to check in the description the tier list I made recently. I'll change it when we will get new heroes or updates about the current hero skills. First of all, Vedan. He has a lot of strengths and only one weakness that can also.

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AFK Arena Library & Unions Guide. First, let's take a look at the list of unions and the heroes that you need to create for that specific union: - The Gallant Three - Morvus, Hogan, Angelo. You need these three heroes to create this union. And, these three comrades will get buffs passively. We've shared an example below; make sure to read it. You can use a friend's hero as well as a. Make sure you sign up for an active guild whenever you can. A semi-afk/afk guild would you no good. Lets discuss Collection. Pretty self explanatory. Just fill all of the feasible information here to enhance your heroes' power score that will help you progress through the entire activity AFK Arena Mezoth Guide: Skills, Role, Tier. March 12, 2020 by Yatin. Mezoth is the latest hero in AFK Arena. Read on for AFK Arena Mezoth guide to his tier, skills, and role info for beginners. AFK Arena Mezoth: - Mezoth is a tank-type hero in the AFK Arena game. He was added to the game in March 2020 update on Android & iOS. If you have got him from the summons and wondering whether he is. Le non. 1 Source pour les Actualités et Guide de Jeux. Actualités; Guide; Trucs et Astuces; Plateforme; Technologies; Prochain; Accueil Trucs et Astuces Liste des paliers AFK Arena pour les 10 meilleurs héros. Trucs et Astuces ; Liste des paliers AFK Arena pour les 10 meilleurs héros. août 4, 2019. Bonjour à tous, comme la plupart d'entre vous le savent bien, la popularité de l'AFK. Guide. Stargazing Cards or Diamonds can be utilized to in stargazer process. You are able to get characters, artifact fragments, Mythic Gear and much more by using stargazing feature. There is an opportunity to gain 30000 Diamonds (yes, 30k it's not a mistake!) as a reward when you are stargazing. Do not attempt to use Stargazing Room with Diamonds until you obtain a sufficient amount of.

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